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We are a protein engineering company, developing the world’s first multifunctional antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), to make chemotherapy more efficient.

Chimeric Designs is a protein engineering company set out to enable a safer and more effective targeted therapy for cancer. We expect that our proprietary technology will enable new treatments for a wide range of cancers.

Kevin T. Gray, Ph.D.

Co founder and CEO

Dr. Gray graduated with high honors from The Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in chemical and biomolecular engineering and went on to get his Ph.D. from Washington State University in chemical engineering. During his doctoral training, Dr. Gray was a NIH fellow of the protein biotechnology program at WSU and he was awarded several prestigious fellowships; from National Science Foundation, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science to work in Japan as a visiting scholar. He then received The Anne and Russ Fuller fellowship for interdisciplinary research along with University of New South Wales visiting fellowship to work in Australia.


His education took a change in direction after his father, Paul, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of cancer. Although Paul would go on to live for almost a decade, it was a long and difficult path. Dr. Gray, being a stalwart of engineering solutions, founded Chimeric Designs because he wants to see better treatments for cancer, so that others might spend more and meaningful time with their families and loved ones.

Afshin Khan, Ph.D.

Co founder and COO

Dr. Khan completed her bachelor's degree in biotechnology and genetics from Bangalore University in India and followed that with a master’s degree in applied biomolecular technology from University of Nottingham in United Kingdom. She then went on to work as a visiting scientist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany and later moved to United States to pursue a doctoral degree at Washington State University. She has also worked as a visiting scientist in the life sciences division of NASA Ames Research Center.

As a proponent of interdisciplinary research and passion for solving global problems, she also completed Singularity University’s flagship global solutions program in silicon valley California. She is committed to bringing translational research to the market. Dr. Khan would like to be able to provide effective and affordable therapeutics to cancer patients.

Joseph Harding, Ph.D.

Chairman of Board and CSO

Prof. Harding, a luminary in the field of pharmacology is co-founder and CSO of M3 Biotechnology, which is a clinical stage biotech company in Seattle, for developing drugs to cure Alzheimer’s disease. He is the co-author of over 200 peer reviewed publications and lead-inventor of three issued, two published patents and a recent PTC application.

Dr. Harding completed his B.S. in chemistry at Allegheny College in 1970 and Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Delaware in 1974. He was a postdoctoral fellow in neurochemistry with Frank Margolis at Roche Institute of Molecular Biology in 1974-76 and has been at Washington State University since 1976. Dr. Harding was also the co-founder of Pacific Northwest Biotechnology. He is passionate about curing diseases and would like to see affordable solutions for cancer brought to its most needed users, the patients.

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