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We are a protein engineering company, developing the world’s first multifunctional antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), to make chemotherapy more efficient.

Team develops chemotherapy project

January 24, 2018

After his dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, WSU doctoral graduate Kevin Gray set out to alleviate the symptoms of chemotherapy. Gray, co-founder of Chimeric Designs Inc. and a chemical engineer, has since created a team of scientists to reduce post-treatment effects on cancer patients...

Improving chemotherapy treatment to reduce side-effects

January 18, 2018

When someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer, it can change your life perspective — and sometimes your life projectory. For Kevin Gray, a WSU doctoral graduate, the diagnosis drove him to a new passion and the ultimate creation of a biotechnology company to develop novel cancer treatments...

NSF program developing innovation, WSU entrepreneurs

November 15, 2017

Gray is developing new tools for the detection and treatment of cancer – a technology that enables rapid development and clinical entry of cancer drugs, with reduced dosage and fewer side effects.

There’s just one problem. How can he take his idea and make it a successful, useful product?

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