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We are a protein engineering company, developing the world’s first multifunctional antibody-drug conjugate (ADC), to make chemotherapy more efficient.

Mission Statement

Chimeric Designs is a protein engineering company set out to enable a safer and more effective targeted therapy for cancer. We expect that our proprietary technology will enable new treatments for a wide range of cancers.

Chimeric Designs is developing technologies that will enable specific and high capacity addition of drug-carrier conjugates exclusively to the Fc region of the antibody to overcome the fatal limitations inherent in ADCs.


We are currently designing and developing modifications to the Fc-region of antibodies that can be used to attach drug carrying cassettes site-specifically. Through this platform technology, we see the delivery of synergistic compounds that enhance drug effectiveness. 

A special thanks to our partners and support from:

WSU Office of Commercialization

SBDC Pullman

NSF I Corps

WRF Capital